Hair loss and Neurological Disorders

There is a lot of talk on hair loss, and products that help stop hair loss, as well as treatments using western medicine – but there is much less information or awareness on neurological disorders which make hair loss worse, among other things – partly because hair loss is not a life threatening condition, although it may affect social aspects of a person’s life.

There are some hair thickening products (contains affiliate links) that you can use to help with hair growth, but to get the best results, you really have to view it from a holistic view, and that includes looking at neurological disorders. There is an extent hair thinking products actually work with men and womens hair problems, but you need to still look at the whole body, and what is causing the problem, because almost every time, it is something vital that is missing – that said – there isn’t yet a cure developed that will totally regrow all lost hair – the article linked above is simply referring to hair maintenance and keeping better quality hair, and possibly regrowing some lost hair ,and keeping that at its best level for your level of health.

One of those vital things, is stress factors, which affect and cause neurological conditions. These are everyday things, slowly building up the level of stress, making us think everything is normal and okay, but in reality, it is taking a serious toll on your body, and in result, will affect not only hair and skin, but vital life function and may eventually lead to cancer (no exaggeration).

Stress from mental and emotional situations is the number one killer of humans – it’s just that it isn’t diagnosed that way, so we often ignore it – we end up calling it heart disease, or something organ related – but the larger picture always reveals what is going on – you got heart disease, because you comfort ate, and didnt exercise, and you comfort ate because you were bothered mentally or emotionally – over a period of time, this built up even more, so you gained weight, and your arteries were clogged, and after enough time, your heart was not able to pump blood due to so much weight and artery blocks, eventually leading to heart failure or a heart attack – the source was still emotional and mental, even if the physical aspect was from physical – and also patterns of lifestyle like diet and exercise.

This is a vital aspect to understand when it comes to human mind and emotions – and essential when it comes to keeping healthy and having a good quality of long life.

In eastern medicine, they often talk about keeping things simple, for having a healthy mind, and body. We have all kinds of nervous system disorders out there, but at the end, it is us who has categorized them, not anyone else, this itself can create illusions and mental fog to be able to understand eastern medical views on stress and how it affects the body.

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