Neurology Headache Clinic

There are many cases for problems with severe migraines that put patients in very miserable conditions – sometimes to the extent of suicide (many reported cases by doctors).

Migraine Treatment

There is some medication available such as Pizotifen, which has been used for vestibular migraines and so on – but the problem with that is, there are many severe symptoms to patients such as hair loss which then adds to the stress of coping with something affecting basic quality of life (even though hair is not an essential life function, it does affect social aspects of human society) – many people end up having neurosurgical procedures to help resolve it, whilst it is not always needed.

Patients reporting hair loss are often recommended to do natural regimes to help cope with hair dropping out, such as described on this article titled “How to Stop Hair Fall Immediately” – via – covering key areas to handle hair care whilst having migraines and taking drugs like Pizotifen.

As for handling migraines and treating them correctly – there is still no sure way to do this using western medical techniques – however, acupuncture has been treating such conditions successfully where patients have had great results on stopping migraines with just one treatment – “in Daoist medical view, the nerve is misfiring, and just needs correcting, this is done by first diagnosing the reason of the migraine, and then treating it accordingly depending on the patient” says Zelman of Eastern Scholars Clinic.

Treatment methodology by Alternative Clinics

There are many methods of treatment, whilst sometimes it does take a while for doctors to diagnose migraines of various types – it is often that patients are told to try various medications with little or no effect – and it is good to consider looking for alternative treatments.

Treatments done by the the Clinic in London (using Acupuncture and Moxibustion) are often instant treatment where pain is instantly removed or significantly better for the patients.

There have been cases where patients need more treatments, but this is often dependant on the cause of the migraine, which is often either from long term anxiety, or other stress factors – explained Zelman Ijaz.